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Specialty Vehicles for Lease in Northbrook, IL

Arnie Yusim Leasing Inc is able to supply all manner of vehicles for your fleet, depending upon your need. When you're looking to set up your fleet, no matter the size, come talk with us. Call us at 847-559-8300 and we'll answer all the questions you have.

Vehicle Options

Our range of vehicles is very broad, and ideal for clients in a variety of industries. Our options include, but are not limited to:
  • Salesman vehicles, perfect for your sales fleet to travel.
  • Box trucks, perfect for cargo transportation
  • Cube and delivery vans for service calls or local delivery routes.
  • Work and industrial trucks, with built-in features to make it even more simple to move materials and equipment.
  • Mobility vehicles to accommodate those that require mobility assistance.
  • Executive vehicles, to help for transportation of executive officials.
  • Buses of various sizes, for comfort and efficient passenger travel
  • Low speed vehicles used to cart passengers around or to quickly travel distances such as local security vehicles.
  • From truck bodies, trailers, shelving packages, and vehicle branding, we can fund aftermarket equipment related to your vehicles to conserve capital and consolidate costs, making us unique in our industry.


Arnie Yusim Leasing Inc has the flexibility to help you, no matter what you're looking for. If you need a single vehicle or to obtain full-service fleet management, we can help. Our services are able to grow with your company as it does, taking the hassle away from you on fleet management. Our knowledge and experience working with businesses of all sizes allows us to make tailor-made recommendations about your fleet's development and management, even as you grow. We also offer fuel and maintenance programs for your fleet. Contact us today to find the vehicles you need for your fleet, by calling 847-559-8300.